Ruby Pups 21st May 2011 Ruby Pups 21st May 2011 Not so little anymore 3/6/2011 Well they are so cute. 127963179 Ruby's pups 21/05/2011 they are stunning 126476294 Ruby's new pup 126476295 Another new pup 126476296 Ruby and Casey in Ruby's whelping box 126476297 Ruby being a good mummy 126476298 girls today 6th June 2011 They look rather cute 128113860 boys today 6th June 2011 The three amigo's 128113861 13.06.2011 the boys butter wouldnt melt in our mouth .. well maybe not 128770062 The gang 13.06.2011 just starting to find our feet, play and whoof whoof a iittle 128770063 pups today 29.06.2011 well they are almost 6 weeks old now and look how much they have grown and all very handsome 130241955 smell the flowers molly loves to go in and out of the pots she is so cute 132636726 just checking everything out 132636727 All is well here i think 132636728 new toys I've caught the bear 132636729 just thinking LIFES GOOD 132636730 sat on the back yard 132636731 more pots to check 132636732 some flowers to eat 132636733 132636734 132636735 Pickles Out for a little walk. 134321449 Pickles 134321450 Pickles 134321451 Pickles Chasing a ball! 134321452 Pickles Exploring the rock pools 134321453 Pickles Trip to the beach 134321454