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We decided to build this site and share our experiance with everyone because we thought you might be interested. Our names are Ruth and Robert we had our first Cocker Spaniel Casey in february 2007 and she turned out to such a beautiful dog with such a wonderfull temperament that we wanted another puppy, we were a bit wary of having a puppy because Ruth had a king Charles Cavalier called Charlie who was 17 years old but was having heart problems and was not expected to live very long. When we got Casey home it was so funny because every where Charlie went Casey went too and they bonded into such a friendship I really believe that Casey kept Charlie going for possibly 4 months longer that he would have done if she were not there.

After deciding that we wanted another puppy we read every thing we could about breeding Cocker Spaniels, what we needed to look for in a Stud Dog and what health tests we should have done to make sure that we only breed, happy, healthy Cocker Spaniels with beautiful looks and a wonderfull temperaments. 

First we had Casey Optigen tested, by having this test done we were able to decide if we could breed Casey and to what sort of stud dog, Casey came back as a carrier, this meant that she carried one gene so we had to mate her with an optigen tested clear dog, to ensure that the pups would never be infected with the PRA eye disease.

Second we had her Antagene tested for the kidey disease Familial Nephropathy this disease kills pups from 6 months to 2 years of age, Casey tests came back that she was FN1 Clear which was brilliant.

Third we  had her tested for Glucoma with the BVMA and the test showed she was clear of Glucoma.

Fourth we had to find a suitable stud dog with a wonderfull temperament, good pedigree and who we thought we be compatible to Casey so that they would both give us some wonderfull puppies.

After searching through various sites for stud dogs we found a breeder called Richain cocker spaniels, after chatting to Richard we decided that his dog Max sounded the Ideal stud dog because he had also been tested for PRA and FN and was tested clear for both disease's.When Casey came into season we took her to be mated with Max and she had a scan 21 days later which confimed that she was pregnant carrying 5 possibly six puppies which was fantastic news.

She had six puppies over a five and half hour period on the night of the 2nd June 2009, which was an exhausting time for her, us and of course the puppies, but they were all born fit , healthy and beautifull. she had 1 black girlie. 1 black boy, 3 golden boy's and they were all so so tiny they all fitted on a hot water bottle.

Robert stayed up every night for the first 4 weeks to make sure that all the pups were fed and looked after by Casey who proved to be a fantastic mum, she took to it like a duck to water. If you look at the pics in the gallery you can see the progression of the pups over the weeks how much and quickly they grew.

Until you have had to look after a litter of 6 little monsters for 9 weeks you dont realise the had work, effort and time its takes to give each and everyone of them the time, attention and love that they each deserve, so that when they go to their new families and homes you know that you have given each one of them the best start they could ever ask for in the next part of their journey through life.

I hope that the final part if this story will be some news and pictures of all the pups in their new homes and some information hoping they have lived up to everyones expectaions of having beautiful dogs with a loving temperament only time will tell. 














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